Everything You Need to Know About Citizen App, A Safety New York Based App

Citizen App is a safety app whose headquarters are based in New York. Citizen app offers users and individuals real-time information regarding any potential crimes, potential threats, or any unfortunate occurrences in a specific region, particularly in major cities. In addition, Citizen offers instant access to 911 information to its users, ensuring that individuals and their loved ones are safe from any potential harm. Citizen currently has more than 7 million users and 234,000 downloads, and it is also available in 22 major cities within the United States.

Citizen App can be accessed and downloaded by users using Android or IOS. After downloading the app, Citizen asks to gain access to the location and contacts of the user’s phone. By doing so, citizens can send real-time alerts to the user’s phone and send alerts to immediate family members and friends. In addition, the app has a feature known as SafeTrace that allows an individual to identify where and when they had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

The citizen app also has an option to share live broadcasts with other people through a + symbol at the bottom of the screen. The SafeTrace feature on the app provides updated information regarding COVID-19, a user’s city, and country. In addition, Citizen contains a feature on a user’s profile, where they can invite friends or connect to more friends using the same app. In addition, users can send direct messages from the app to their friends.See this page for related information.

Citizen recently included a new feature that has 24/7 access to a trained Protect Agent who can monitor a user’s live location, audio, and heart rate monitoring. However, this feature requires a monthly subscription Protect feature which costs 5 dollars per month. Citizen has hit the headlines multiple times for the past five years and successfully solved some criminal actions, such as identifying a lost, abducted boy in Manhattan.

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