Company Culture At Activision is Working to Improve

Company culture plays a vital role in employee satisfaction at the workplace. Different companies have implemented various policies and structures to ensure their employees feel valued and satisfied with the onset of millennial working for various companies. The company culture is set to take a drastic change to accommodate the youthful employees taking up space in most offices.

 One such company that came under sharp criticism recently is Activision Blizzard inc. The company had different allegations from employees of the unhealthy work practices taking place within the institution. The executive saw it wise to pinpoint the issues and impose tough measures and policies to curb the increasing unfair labor practices that seemed to take over.

 One of the addressed issues is increasing the number of non-binary people and women in the workforce. Activision Blizzard is committed to increasing the number by fifty percent of women. It is committing itself to educating women and empowering them to attain employment opportunities in the company. Additionally, the company is focused on increasing the percentage of minority groups to occupy leadership positions.

 The other policy the company has adopted in line with streamlining the company culture is launching a zero-tolerance harassment policy. In the past, the company has been complacent on such matters, giving employees warning and second chances. The management’s action on increased cases of these types of demeanor resulted in measures. The measures are to terminate employees’ contracts for cases found guilty of conducting such acts. The company is keen on ensuring that the employees who have filed complaints are protected and matters investigated to the core.

 The company has taken a step further to increase visibility on pay equity. Both genders deserve to have equal pay. The company is keen on reporting the results annually to ensure fair compensation of employees across the different units. Lastly, the company is committed to ensuring that it tracks all the development and Activision Blizzard becomes a service leader in the industry.

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