Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute to support different Curitiba institutions and region

Haroldo is the founder of Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting engineering and technological culture in Curitiba Brazil. The Institute supports the development of the knowledge of engineering and technology, implementing educational activities to increase the number of engineers and scientists, encouraging interest in this area among students through its lectures, workshops, seminars, and conferences. The Institute also promotes the publication of books related to science and technology. The Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute is responsible for publishing books in various areas such as civil engineering, environment, construction management, materials science, computer science, and information technology. It has also published several books on Intellectual Property (Patents), primarily for students who intend to take the patent exam.


The non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting engineering and technological culture in Brazil, created by Haroldo Jacobovicz, an engineer and industrialist from São Paulo State. It is named after him because he gave his name to an award for engineering in the country and an international prize for excellence in engineering.

Haroldo(Curitiba) is a recognized speaker on urbanism, architecture, and interior design. He has given lectures at various universities, including the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais and the Federal University of Bahia, and events sponsored by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Development (CDDS), among others.

Haroldo also holds a position in the Chamber of Construction Industry Professionals (CIBIC), responsible for organizing the annual Congress for Sustainable Development. He also helped in founding the Association for Environment Management (AGER), an organization created to improve construction management practices in Brazil. Haroldo Jacobovicz is a member of the steering committee for Architecture Week Porto Alegre, one of Brazil’s most important events in this field. In addition to being president of CEJA Consultoria Empresarial Ltda., Haroldo is a member of the board of directors of Alfa-Arquitetos Associados, one of Brazil’s top firms. He is also a member of the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Development and serves on the Technical Committee on Sustainable Cities and Territories.