Non-Work-Related Activities Makes Andrew Frame More Productive

One of the hardest things for the Citizen App founder, Andrew Frame, is trying to bring his ideas into existence. Together with his team, Andrew Frame ruthlessly prioritizes which ideas to implement and which ones to leave out. They always have strategies on what they want to build, why they should build it, and if it will be able to fit into their citizens’ app vision.

Andrew Frame has also been a successful innovator by always ensuring that his circle is made up of thoughtful, highly skilled, and mission-minded individuals. To Frame, a team is just about everything a business needs.

Everything has been transformed into mobile phones. We are currently at a stage where almost four billion smartphones are in use worldwide. Since almost everyone is using smartphones, they should be able to do something meaningful and fulfill some of the basic needs of human beings, like safety. The Citizen App plays that role of safety on the phone.

Andrew Frame believes that his passion for non-work-related activities makes the Citizen App founder more productive. He has always encouraged his team to take a break sometimes, and try to engage in their hobbies and other activities outside of work.

Andrew, together with his team, has been able to establish a name for themselves by always ensuring that all the feedback they receive from the users, whether positive or negative, is taken seriously. Their main focus is to get to know the engagement of the Citizen App with its users, what they would like to see added to the app and which features the users prefer. During some of their team meetings, Citizen App users are invited to attend the meetings in order to feed the team with information about the app and which areas need to be improved to make the Citizen app better for its users. See this page for more information.

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