SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer, A True Visionary

A San Francisco Native and graduate of both Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley, San Francisco Giants CEO, Larry Baer, leads the league with a true vision for the kind of ideas that make a person ask, “why not?”

The SF Giants CEO is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Giants organization. For Baer, this means taking part as a key strategist in the club’s major transactions, meandering from office to office to bounce ideas off his colleagues, and even serving as Chairman and CEO of Giants Development Services.

Since taking over as CEO of the Giants’ program, he’s seen two World Series Championship titles, as well as the construction of one of the greatest baseball parks ever built, Oracle Park. In this park, the SF Giants enjoyed six straight seasons of ticket sellouts!

Amid these baseball glory moments, the Giants CEO, Larry Baer often focuses on mindfulness and greatly values collaboration with his colleagues on new ideas for making their organization successful.

Despite a struggling battle with ending homelessness in San Francisco, Larry Baer continues to push the community to greater heights through projects such as his developing 28-acre mixed use urban neighborhood, Mission Rock.

Whilst managing these many successes, CEO Baer lives a life outside of work, too. Each day, the Giants CEO begins with an humble routine of working out, reading newspapers, and grabbing a coffee or tea before work. On the weekends, he carves out time for his dog and family. A true family man, Baer shares one major piece of advice for all Americans: tell your family, “I love you” every single day. Similar to the three generations before him, Baer resides in San Francisco with his wife, Pam, and their four children. See this article for more information.

Visit their LinkedIn profile onhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/larry-baer-2a1aa868