Liu Qiangdong Covid Relief


 The first round of donations for’s “Covid 19 Relief” campaign has arrived in Hong Kong. promoted the announcement with a press release and some outstanding social media work on Weibo, one of its official platforms in China, because Liu Qiangdong is such a showman. also posted a video on Weibo as part of the news release. Liu Qiangdong made a thank you introduction to the company’s Hong Kong employees and detailed his previous contributions to the company.

 Liu Qiangdong outlined his previous contributions to the company. His idea for a corporation was accepted when the Chinese government renamed itself from “Communist” to “Socialist.” Liu gave JD 100 million RMB (approximately $10 million) in cash and goods. Liu Qiangdong also encouraged staff to donate $100,000 to the Chinese Red Cross (Note: donation limitations vary per country). It is a rough translation

Two Boeing 747s delivered the first batch of “Covid 19” relief materials, revealed on social media. The delivery was photographed by Liu Qiangdong’s office associates and friends in Hong Kong for the occasion. It also posted images of Liu Qiangdong unpacking the supplies. Although this great photo from makes Liu Qiangdong appear very active with his company, he isn’t.’s employees and partners do most of the heavy lifting. Liu Qiangdong is a mascot whose involvement with internal operations is restricted to two things.

  1.  Liu Qiangdong has his methods of issue solving.
  2.  He enjoys making public statements on social media. He is also acutely aware of Chinese social media. He is aware of popular messages and exploits them for his gain.

 It also includes a propaganda message from Liu Qiangdong himself, emphasizing his love for China and admiration for the Chinese Communist Party. His official attitude on Liu Qiangdong’s ties with the Chinese government is “I don’t care.” So long as he can profit from them, he will do anything. Liu Qiangdong admires and loves the Chinese Communist Party that he contributed another 100 million RMB (approximately $10 million) to erect a police station near his plant.

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