NumbersUSA Advocates For The Regulation Of Legal Immigration Numbers To Sustainable Numbers

NumbersUSA is a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is “to end the unchecked growth of migration that is threatening the quality of life in the United States.” The group advocates for reduced legal immigration and visa vetting processes to ensure the safety of Americans.

As outlined on their website, NumbersUSA believes that current U.S. immigration levels are at an all-time high, and have grown exponentially over the past few decades due to green card issuance, chain migration, visa overstays, and foreign-born individuals acquiring citizenship through birth or naturalization. If you are reading this as an aspiring immigrant who wants to move to America or if you know someone who wants to do so, NumbersUSA’s will help you understand what’s required and what we can expect from our future immigration policies.

What does NumbersUSA’s want to see changed in the legal immigration system?

NumbersUSA has compiled a list of policies they believe are necessary to create a sustainable legal immigration system. This includes: – An end to the extended family immigration category, which allows citizens and green card holders to bring adult parents, minor children, and adult unmarried children to the United States as immigrants.

As this category has no annual cap, it accounts for nearly two-thirds of all legal immigration to the U.S. – An end to the visa lottery program, which randomly selects 50,000 individuals to receive green cards based on their country of origin each year. Individuals who wish to immigrate to the United States should be selected based on economic and skill-based immigration categories.

Legal immigration to the United States is certainly a nuanced topic. It is important that we as a country find a way to balance the need for a well-functioning immigration system with the current demand for immigrant labor. At the same time, we must be cognizant of the dangers of unchecked immigration and the impact that it can have on the American people.

Some may argue that immigration is an issue that should be dealt with at the federal level, while others may believe state and local governments should have equal power in dictating immigration policy. In the end, NumbersUSA aims to encourage a well-informed public that can discuss immigration with their representatives and help shape the future of American immigration.

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