Richard Liu —  An Inspiring Success Story

Did you know that is the third-largest e-commerce company in China? Did you also know that its founder and CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong, is the second richest man in China? Rediscovering one’s passion for life after hitting rock bottom can only be achieved when one is ready to overcome any challenge. Richard Liu’s lowest point came when he was a 24-year-old dropout with $40 million worth of personal debt from failed projects.

From there, Liu Qiangdong used his experiences as an opportunity to find his true calling in life and came out more vital than ever.

A successful business venture requires much more than money or smarts. It needs conviction, courage, and an unbreakable spirit. This drives Mr. Richard Liu from’s humble beginnings as a school dropout with no money to become the second richest man in China today.

1. About CEO Richard Liu.

Richard Liu was born in 1973 and raised in Taiwan. He moved to the United States for college and headed to Cornell University, where he studied economics. In 1994, he dropped out of Cornell and went to work for a Taiwanese software company called StarSource. There, Richard would learn about e-commerce from the ground up, which would later become his passion and drive in life.

2. The Early Days of JD (Jingdong).

As the CEO of JD, Mr. Richard Liu was tasked with building the company into a global e-commerce powerhouse. He did so by focusing on two main areas: logistics and customer service. About two years after establishing JD, Mr. Richard Liu and his team launched the first warehouse in China, which would later become one of its most essential assets in terms of business growth.

Richard Liu has built his company from nothing to being the third-largest e-commerce site in China in just ten years. He did so through his passion and drive, which he found after many life challenges and mistakes. He has overcome such challenges and mistakes by believing he will succeed someday. Refer to this article for more information.

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